About this Page
This "HR File" is intended as a Human Resource tool. It can be used as a workspace by the group leader to make notes about individual team members over time. Every individual profile page has a tabbed HR File page that is only visible to the group leaders of the organization. And all group leaders have access to all HR File page since team members can be deployed to more than one group at a time, and since group leaders are occasionally asked to fill leadership spots in other groups (i.e., acting roles). So as these pages become populated with notes, they will become useful as a resource that will help each group leader know their individual team members just a bit better.

Since task performance and peer feedback are already being tracked seperately, group leaders are encouraged to use these pages to keep track of other things that are important to the individual team members. The main "posts" on this page should be used to set up major categories of things that you would like to remember about the person as time goes on. For example major categories such as "Family", "Hobbies", "Special Interests", "Motivations", "General Observations" etc. can serve as placeholders for lists of related items in each category. As time passes "responses" to each of these posted headings can be added (i.e., as you interact with the person and learn a bit more about them). Also new topic headings can always be posted/added if and when new subjects come up that appear to warrant a separate list. Ultimately the goal is to make sure you know your team members and this page is intended to help you remember details as your teams grow in size.

Note : As noted above, these pages are visible to all group leaders, so please ensure that the content is not inflammatory in any way. The content on these pages should be appropriate for viewing by all group leaders (present and future) and also for the individual to see (i.e., if such a request is made).