About this Discussion Area
This discussion page is specifically for the Support Platform Operations team, and it is intended as a general discussion space for the team. Any informal discussions or general discussions that relate to the direction and the plans of this team should take place here, while any project-related/task-specific discussions should occur in the dedicated discussion areas that have are assigned for each task on the Team Tasking and Tracking Page. In other words, you can think of this as the “water-cooler” area for the team since it is intended as a an informal discussion space. Posts to this discussion area will result in an automated email being sent to each of the team members.

Note: that you also have access to the team discussion area of every other team in the organization. So if you ever need to ask a question or raise an issue with another team within the organization, you can go the team discussion page for any of the other teams and you will be free to start a discussion there as well. Similarly, others from within the organization can come here to pose questions or make requests of this team if they need your help. This should facilitate easy interaction between the teams and make it easy for teams to ask each other for help when it is needed.
Team Objectives
This team is responsible for the management and continuous improvement of the support platform that is used to manage our volunteer activities.